Four Seasons in Music – Series Overview & Concert Descriptions

In the words of Kathryn Lockwood, Series Artistic Director

Welcome to the new Four Seasons in Music concert series at the Sands Point Preserve. We will weave music and poetry to celebrate and enhance each season of the year. Poetry and music evoke strong emotional responses and space for self-reflection, and each concert is intended to guide you through that magical journey. Brilliant, internationally renowned musicians and spoken word artists will present engaging and thoughtful programs with repertoire from Bach and Mozart to today’s culturally diverse composers. The creative programming will be a delightful experience not to be missed. I am honored to be the artistic director for such a wonderful series in these special venues. I look forward to seeing you there!  


Winter Love: February 2, 2019

On this cold winter’s night, we will celebrate the season with a musical theme of love in honor of Valentine’s Day and in recognition of Black History Month. “Winter Love” will feature classics from Bach and Mozart along with works by today’s composers William Bolcom and Kenji Bunch. We begin the program with solo violin music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Written around the time of Bach’s first wife’s death, the Sarabande from his D minor Partita is a beautiful piece highlighting the way genius processes heartache. 

Continuing the program, jazz bassist John Patitucci’s “Scenes for Viola and Percussion” takes the listener on a spiritual groove based journey inspired by Bach. “Scenes” is in the key of C minor, which traditionally means a declaration of love and at the same time, the lament of unhappy love. Baritone James Martin joins the string quartet for William Bolcom’s “Billie in the Darbies” on a cold and watery musical voyage for a wrongly accused crime. The wintry path for this concert continues with a Bodhran drum solo inspired by the jaw dropping beauty of a New Zealand glaciated valley. A Gospel song honoring black history month follows in a brand new arrangement of legendary rock and roll Hall of Famer Mavis Staples’ “Eyes on the Prize.”  Lighthearted arias from Mozart’s operas “Magic Flute” and “Don Giovanni” are next – one features Papageno looking for a wife (Papagena) and the other features a serenading Don under the window of his future conquest. Kenji Bunch’s Megalopolis for string quartet and percussion succeeds Mozart. Megalopolis programmed for Black History Month identifies a musical fabric that connects our global landscape of western classical with Nigerian Afrobeat.

The concert concludes with a bang with two songs by the iconic George Gershwin. Poetry enhancing the theme of Winter Love by Mary Oliver, Rumi, Claude McKay, Arthur Lubow, and Herman Melville will complete this enticing program.

Riotous Spring: April 6, 2019

“Riotous Spring” celebrates the joyous and welcomed change of season.  From winter’s austere and seemingly still landscape to a constantly changing scenery impatiently bursting with life.  This evening’s concert will feature musical works in major keys and upbeat tempi. As with the other concerts, we will pair the musical works with poetry.  April is National Poetry Month and we will bring you some of the greatest Poets to celebrate: Langston Hughes, E.E. Cummings, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Elizabeth Bishop.

We will again begin the concert with solo Bach with the glorious sounds of the cello in the Prelude of the G Major Solo Suite.  The concert will also feature Mozart and The Ensemble in Residence duoJalal, and, instead of voice for this concert, I am excited to bring you clarinetist Romie de Guise-Langlois. She has quickly become my favorite clarinetist to work with and to listen to, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me after hearing her this evening.

Tonight is also a very special night because it is the very final concert that the members of the Lark Quartet will play together. After 30 plus years of existence, the current membership will bring the Lark to its final note with the beautiful Wolf Italian Serenade.

More Italian music is featured with duoJalal and Enzo Rao’s gypsy violin music “A Different World.” Mozart’s famous clarinet quintet, of which you’ll hear the fourth movement, is a lively and happy Theme and Variation movement representing a rebirth of life through the renewal of thematic material.

Anna Weesner’s “Orlando Underground” which is structured around the number five “how you broke my heart” embodies spring through the flower of the month – the Daisy, which has five meanings attached: Purity, Innocence, Fertility, Motherhood, and Transformation.

We will end the program with traditional Italian Medieval dances which will conclude a “Riotous Spring” rejoicing the new season and will surely put a spring to your step.  

Summer Playlist: July 13, 2019

“Summer Playlist,” an eclectic mix of poetry and music, celebrates the sunny days and sultry nights of summer. Our live playlist features classics by Bach and Mozart, invigorating new works, and folk tunes from around the globe. Experience a wide range of lively musical styles with some soaring flights of improvisatory fancy, and more.

Summer lifts our spirits and inspires dance and song. You’ll be uplifted by an exuberant Gigue – arranged for solo viola – by Bach, touched by a romantic waltz from accordionist-composer Guy Klucevsek, seduced by the breathless beauty of “Oblivion,” the famous love song by the legendary Argentine master Astor Piazzolla; and be swept away by the sensual pulse of “Indifference,” a showcase for our entire ensemble.

Summer breezes also carry you to lands near and far while taking you on a journey to an exciting world of innovative music-making. Experience the sizzling Indian accents of Shirish Korde’s “Joy,” a virtuoso duet for viola and percussion performed by duoJalal (violist Kathryn Lockwood and percussionist Yousif Sheronick); and be moved by the haunting Americana of Bill Carson’s colorful arrangement of the traditional “Bright Summer Morning.” You’ll also delight in the Central European folk flavors of Klucevsek’s witty “Moose Mouth Mirror,” while dazzling at the virtuosity and timeless quality of Sheronick’s “Expanding Time” for solo Tar.

Two new artists will be joining us for this exciting celebration: Todd Reynolds, a celebrated violin rebel and Nathan Koci, a versatile instrumentalist and arranger. Come celebrate summer and join us for an irresistible evening of beautiful music.

Autumn Leaves: October 5, 2019

As the “Autumn Leaves” start to fall and the nights creep into the day, we celebrate our last magical evening of the 2019 Series.  Autumn represents the change of season and the end of summer’s warmth, preservation and protection with harvest and comfort, and melancholy for the end of the growing season. Our final program of the series welcomes the crisp and refreshing Fall air with music from around the world. Music from Italy by Giovanni Sollima, Australia’s Peter Sculthorpe, American music of Mavis Staples and Matthew Fuerst, and traditional music by Bach and Mozart. duoJalal is joined by violinists Rebecca Fischer and Basia Danilow, cellist Jeffrey Ziegler, and baritone James Martin for a special night of music under the stars. 


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