Summer Learning Adventures

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The Conservancy developed a whole new format for Summer Camp 2020: six weeks of Learning Adventures for children age 3 – 10 combine virtual sessions at home with onsite exploration and fun projects at the Preserve.

Running July 13 through August 19, weekly themes are explored across three disciplines: art, STEAM, and yoga. Children can register for one or all disciplines, and for any number of weeks.

Children connect with our educators and each other on Zoom conferences for interactive and hands-on learning experiences – then families can bring weekly activity plans that extend the themes to the Preserve’s enriching environment for further exploration and lots of fun on the Great Lawn, in the forest, and on beach along the Long Island Sound.

Each week explores a different theme; instruction and activities are differentiated to create fun, age-appropriate sessions.


Animal Adventures: (July 13-15) Spend a week learning about our furry, feathered, and scaly friends! Learn to draw an animal in art; practice different animal poses in yoga; discover the amazing ways that animals adapt to survive.

Space Explorers: (July 20-22) Travel to space without leaving home! Create a night sky scene using oil pastels; learn to walk like an astronaut in yoga; explore the craters on the moon and discover the science behind rockets.

H20 Investigator: (July 27-29) All life on earth needs water to survive, but it can also be fun to play with! Paint with watercolors; learn to move like sea animals; learn about life in the wetlands, and make your own water filter for the outdoors.

Plant Pioneer: (Aug 3-5) Learn to appreciate plants, big and small! Paint a botanical still life; discover different plants and trees through yoga poses; examine what a plant needs to survive and dissect a flower to see what’s inside!

Prehistoric Discovery: (Aug 10-12) Spend a week 65 million years in the past! Sculpt a 3D dinosaur out of clay; learn about different prehistoric animals through movement; discover how archeologists uncover history by examining real fossils and creating your own.

All about Earth: (Aug 17-19) Celebrate nature that is all around us! Create a sculpture out of natural materials; move like many of Earth’s creatures; learn about geology by studying rocks and experimenting with a mini volcano.


Monday: Art with Lisa Cusano
Create works of art inspired by the nature at your own home, using items found in your environment and common art supplies. Explore weekly themes through painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and more.

9 – 9:40 AM: Ages 3-4
10 – 10:40 AM: Ages 5-7
11 – 11:40 AM: Ages 8-10

Tuesday: STEAM with Leah Master
Discover scientific principles through art, engineering, and mathematics using everyday items found at home. Investigate the theme of the week through interactive learning and hands-on projects and experiments.

9 – 9:40 AM: Ages 4-5
10 – 10:40 AM: Ages 5-7
11 – 11:40 AM: Ages 8-10

Wednesday: Yoga with Lisa Cusano
Discover basic yoga postures, meditation, and breathing techniques in fun and imaginative ways. Family Yoga welcomes children age 2+, siblings, and caregivers practicing together.

9 – 9:40 AM: Family Yoga Age 2 through Adults
10 – 10:40 AM: Ages 5-7
11 – 11:40 AM: Ages 8-10

Weekly Extension Activities
Step away from your screens and venture to the Preserve to explore the weekly themes outside on the beautiful grounds. Families will be provided with a wide range of age-appropriate activities that they can enjoy together, including scavenger hunts, data collection, discovery games, and much more.


Option A: One Subject x Six Weeks (Art, STEAM, or Yoga)
+ Onsite Adventures
$120 per child

Option B: Three Subjects x Six Weeks (Art, STEAM, and Yoga)
+ Onsite Adventures
$325 per child

Option C: Three Subjects x One Week (Art, STEAM, and Yoga)
+ Onsite Adventures
$60/week per child

The Onsite Learning Adventures are included with registration.
Conservancy Members enter the Preserve’s grounds free of charge.
Non-Members pay $15 per car for admission.

Download the Summer Camp 2020 Registration Form here.
Scan and email the form to

Contact Education Director Tracy Strianese at 516.570.2185 and by email for more information and to register.

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