Gardens & Grounds

Sands Point Gardens

Arriving at the Sands Point Preserve is, in itself, a special experience. Cross a century-old bridge as you drive down the historic “allée” of mature trees and landscaped gardens to the Preserve’s Gate House. The first view of the Sands Point Preserve includes Castle Gould, Hempstead House, and the Long Island Sound from a distance. The Great Lawn is a majestic park – the green centerpiece of the Preserve. The Rose Garden behind Hempstead House has 1,500 red rose bushes – its fountains add an historic quality and are a beautiful sight when lit at night.

Six marked hiking trails weave through more than 200 acres of natural and landscaped areas. The woods, mile-long beach and cliffs, lawns, gardens and freshwater pond provide habitats for a variety of plants and animals – a bucolic scene on view for visitors.

Please note: drones, bycicles, mopeds, and motorcycles are not permitted on the grounds.