Visitor Safety Rules During COVID-19 Pandemic

All visitors are required to follow the Visitor Safety Rules, which support the guidelines set forth by New York State and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for respecting the following rules so that the Sands Point Preserve can remain open for everyone to enjoy:

– Social distancing is required: keep 6 feet apart.
– Wear face masks, if less than 6 feet apart.
– Passive use of park only.
– No congregating or parties.
– No sports or group games.
– No swimming on beach.
– No camping.
– No fishing.
– No drones.
– No bycicles, mopeds, motorcycles.
– Dogs must be kept on leashes at all times.*
– Be respectful of other visitors’ space.
– Cooperation from every visitor is required.
– Violators will be required to leave the Preserve.

Please note: the Guggenheim Estate has two sections – the public park, which we all enjoy, and a private section on the South end of the property, which has a number of private residences as well as a stable, barn, and paddocks. The private area is not open to the public, and security guards will enforce the “No Trespassing” rule now.

*Dog walking is permitted on the grounds, but dogs must be kept on leashes – visitors are subject to the Village of Sands Point’s strict leash laws.