2024 Four Seasons in Music

Montage of four seasons at the Preserve

The Preserve’s historic mansions and waterfront grounds are the backdrop for this unique chamber music series, created by Series Artistic Director Kathryn Lockwood.

Each concert features music and poetry, inspired by the time of year and themes of romance and resilience. Internationally renowned musicians present captivating performances with repertoire ranging from Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart to today’s culturally diverse composers.

The concerts are followed by themed receptions – a time to mingle with the artists, friends, and concert-goers.

2024 Series

Spring 2024
“A tour de France”
Sunday, May 19 at 5 pm
Wine reception to follow
$45 Members/$56 Non-Members (includes all fees)

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duoJalal (Kathryn Lockwood, Viola & Yousif Sheronick, Percussion)
Deborah Buck and Min-Young Kim, Violin
Caroline Stinson, Cello

Spring in Paris – there isn’t a better time to visit! This concert celebrates both the French Fete des Voisins – an evening get together with neighbors and friends for a moment of conviviality and Fete des Meres for Mother’s day. Come feast your ears with French composers, old and new, when duoJalal is joined by violinists Deborah Buck and Min-Young Kim, and cellist Caroline Stinson.

Summer 2024
“Mother Country”
Sunday, July 14 at 5 pm

England, the mother country of English speaking countries around the world, began its search for global dominance during the 15th century uniting countries in the Commonwealth. This program showcases pieces from Commonwealth countries including Canada, Australia, South Africa and England.

Fall 2024
“Romani Reach”
Sunday, November 10 at 3 pm

One of the most significant musical genres in Hungary is the traditional folk music of the Romani people. Did you know that non-Hungarian composers like Dvorak, Brahms and Haydn were all inspired and influenced by Romani music. Romani Reach will bring together both Hungarian and Romani influenced pieces in a Four Seasons Finale not to be missed!


Winter 2024
Sunday, January 14 at 3 pm
Hempstead House

duoJalal (Kathryn Lockwood, Viola & Yousif Sheronick, Percussion)
Yumi Kurosawa, Japanese Koto
Ilmar Gavilan and Doori Na, Violin
Raman Ramakrishnan, Cello

A Winter Concert celebrating the Japanese “ikigai” – a reason for living. Ikigai brings us all together to a place where passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect, infusing the afternoon with meaning. duoJalal, joined by Japanese Koto player Yumi Kurosawa, violinists Ilmar Gavilan and Doori Na and cellist Raman Ramakrishnan will dive into the traditional and non-traditional sounds of Japan.

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Kathryn Lockwood & Yousif SheronickKathryn Lockwood & Yousif Sheronick of duoJalal