Fairy Festival FAQs

Photo by Dave Nutter Photography
   What is the Fairy Festival?

The Long Island Fairy Festival at the Sands Point Preserve is a one-day festival that celebrates the magic of nature.  In addition to the events of that day, there are four ways for community members to participate in advance:

  • Build a fairy house to be displayed along the Fairy House Walk in the Sands Point Preserve forest.
  • Enter a piece of artwork in the curated Fairy Art Exhibit to be presented in the Preserve’s Great Hall.
  • Send in an application to participate in the Fairy House Artist Invitational.
  • Become a Festival sponsor!
   Who makes the fairy houses?

You do! Any individual or group with an interest in nature and a desire to develop their creativity can participate and experience the joy of sharing their work with others! The houses displayed during the Fairy Festival are made by local school children, adults, artists, florists, business owners, families, scouts, etc. For more information on making a house, click here.

   Do we have to register if we are planning to build a fairy house and have it displayed?

YES!! As the event nears, we’ll need to have an idea of how many houses to expect. This will help us plan the display space and allows us to make labels that identify the houses and their creators.  We are asking that builders let us know that they plan to participate by filling out the form on the Building a Fairy House webpage.  Registration form at the bottom of this page.

   I’ve never seen a fairy house. What do they look like?

Please see  examples of the 2023 Fairy House Walk houses here or some older examples from the 2008 and 2009 Fairy House Tour in Portsmouth, NH.  In addition, the “Resources” section provides links to books and internet articles that may inspire you!

   If we build a house, do we have to pay for admission to the Fairy Festival?

Yes. Every car entering the Preserve on May 4th (rain date May 5th) will need to have a receipt for their online ticket purchase.  (Don’t get locked out! Buy your tickets as soon as they are available on March 13th!)

   When do we drop off the houses?

The drop off time for community members is Thursday or Friday, May 2nd or 3rd from 10:00-4:00. Tell the people at the gatehouse that you are dropping off a fairy house and they will direct you. You will receive free admission to the park the day you drop off your house. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets to the May 4th Fairy Festival in advance so that you will be able to see your house displayed.

  Can we get our houses back or do they become the property of the Preserve?

You can absolutely have your house back.  We will be setting up a few pick-up days after the festival. If you are coming from a considerable distance, you may be able to arrange to take your house with you when the festival is over.  e-mail fairyfestival@sandspointpreserve.org to explore this possibility.

   Are tickets to the festival required in advance?

Yes! There will be no tickets sold at the gate that day.  You MUST purchase tickets online in advance to attend the festival. Tickets will go on sale on our website on March 13, 2024 at noon.  Information will also be posted on the Sands Point Preserve social media platforms.

   Will the Preserve be open to non-fairy festival participants that day?

No, the park will be closed all day except for fairy festival ticket holders.

   Will the Woodland Playground and Dog Run be open?

Yes, the playground and dog run will be open to fairy festival ticket holders only.

   What is the rain date policy?

All tickets are non-refundable. A decision about the rain date will be made before May 4th.  In the event that the May 5th rain date is used, it will be rain or shine.  If it rains, many activities will be moved indoors.

   Where should we park?

Once you show the receipt for your online ticket purchase to Preserve personnel, you will be directed toward the Preserve parking lot.

   Can I walk in?

If you live close enough to the Preserve to walk, you may purchase walk-in tickets.  You will need to show your ticket to the gate attendants.  Please be aware that it is a 1/4 mile walk from Middle Neck Road to the Gatehouse and that there is no on-street parking anywhere near the Preserve. Only area residents will be able to walk in from home.  Please contact fairyfestival@sandspointpreserve.org if you’d like to purchase a walk-in ticket.

   Should we dress up or wear costumes?

Yes! Feel free to wear your woodland finest! Or not!  While we look forward to seeing everyone’s fairy, elf, and gnome garb; wings, crowns, or other magical accoutrement, it is not a requirement!  Your attire will add to the fun! (Please note that if you choose not to dress in fairywear, you will be required to be in an extra magical mood!). We will be posting photos of some of last year’s guests soon!

   What are the Fairy Festival activities?

In addition to the main attraction (the Fairy House Walk in the forest) the festival will feature all kinds of fairy activities, crafts, installations and attractions. We’re still putting the 2024 day together, but it promises to enchant.  You can see a list of the 2023 activities here.

   Will there be food?

Yes, there is a Feasting and Foraging food court with food trucks in front of the historic Hempstead House. There are also snacks available in the Preserve’s Welcome Center.

   Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but in keeping with the Village of Sands Point ordinance, all dogs must remain on leash the entire time that they are on Preserve grounds. Violators will be asked to leave immediately.

   Is the site handicap accessible?

A large part of the festival will be accessible.  We will update this FAQ as the site plan is finalized. The fairy house walk and other parts of the event will be in the woods on uneven terrain or unpaved paths. These paths are not wheelchair or stroller friendly.

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