Earth Expeditions

Aerial view of the Sands Point Preserve

Earth Expeditions
is an interdisciplinary program, unique to the Sands Point Preserve, for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  The classes are held via Zoom conferencing and feature an original curriculum of science, the arts, and wellness through hands-on activities and exploration in students’ backyards! Our gifted educators will guide students as they explore the outdoors to study wildlife and ecosystems; discover environmental conservation practices; conduct surveys and gather data useful for both local and international research as Citizen Scientists; create visual art projects with sustainable natural materials; and write from their hearts.

An excellent enrichment experience for students who wish to expand their studies beyond the classrooms and screens – to explore the earth in all its dimensions and, ultimately, have a positive impact on our global future.

Inspired by historical polymaths like Leonardo da Vinci, we’ll cultivate students’ innate gifts and discover young artists, inventors, and explorers in the process. – Program Co-Creator and Educator Hildur Palsdottir

This program is temporarily suspended during the pandemic.

Contact Education Director Tracy Strianese for more information.