Guided Programs for Visiting School and Camp Groups

The Preserve welcomes school and camp groups (Pre-K through Grade 12) for guided programs on a range of topics led by our experienced education staff.

In addition to the guided programs, groups are welcome to spend time at the Preserve to eat lunch at one of our outdoor picnic areas, play on the Woodland Playground, or engage in self-guided exploration of our woodland trails.

One-Hour Programs:

Guided Hikes – Pre-K through Grade 12  (Year-Round)
An environmental educator will bring your group on a one-hour hike throughout the Preserve. We’ll visit our three ecosystems to talk about plant and animal life, nonliving features, seasonal changes and more. This program can be tailored to the needs of your individual class.

Beach Exploration – Pre-K through Grade 2 (Fall or Spring)
Take a short hike through the woods to visit our mile-long beach on the shores of the Long Island Sound. We’ll make predictions about what we will observe on the beach, then children will have the opportunity to explore on their own with shovels, tweezers and sifters. Students will sort their findings and compare with their classmates to discover the animals, plants, rocks, shells and more that call our beach home. Younger grades have the option to begin with a story.

Habitat Study – Kindergarten through Grade 4 (Fall or Spring)
Students will take a guided hike through the Preserve to discover three different habitats and their characteristics. We’ll make predictions, then visit the pond, beach and woodlands in search of animals, plants and nonliving items. Students will compare and contrast their findings at each habitat and discuss the role of each in our larger ecosystem. Younger grades have the option to begin with a story.

Discovering Fall – Pre-K through Grade 2 (Fall)
Students walk the trails of the Preserve in search of signs of Autumn. We will identify leaves and nuts that have fallen on the ground, and discuss how plants and animals ready themselves for Winter. An optional scavenger hunt/BINGO game can be added.

Search for Spring: Pre-K through Grade 2 (Spring)
Discover how the Preserve reawakens in the Spring. We’ll focus on the plants that grow at the Preserve, from the tiniest blade of grass to the tallest trees. Learn about plants that we eat, the lifecycle of a seed, and the parts of a plant. Then, plant your very own seeds to take home.

Orienteering – Grades K – 5 (Year-Round)
Educators will instruct students how to use a compass to identify the 4 cardinal directions, then lead a guided hike of the Preserve’s woods. Students will learn to read trail markers, use a map to identify our location throughout the walk, and create their own map of the trails.

Hempstead House Tour – Grades 2 – 12 (Year-Round)
Take a tour of Hempstead House, the former home of Daniel and Florence Guggenheim, for a glimpse of what life was like on Long Island’s Gold Cost from 1917-1930.  Emphasis can be placed on the following themes: Gold Coast Grandeur or Class Struggle – perfect for students of history or literature.

90-Minute Interdisciplinary Programs:

Geology of Long Island – Grades 2-6 (Year-Round)
Through hands-on activities and outdoor exploration, students will learn about local Long Island geology and landforms. Multiple points of engagement with geological processes will take place during beach hikes, observations, and interactive experiments.

Environmental Plot Study – Grades 5 – 8 (Spring or Fall)
The Preserve features a variety of landscapes including a freshwater pond, a mile-long beach, cliffs, lawns, formal gardens, and dense woods. In this outdoor program, Middle School students will visit these varied landscapes to engage in dynamic, hands-on activities designed to develop their skills of analysis and inquiry. Students will conduct plot studies in which they will hypothesize, observe, collect data, and draw conclusions about the organisms, plant life, and non-living elements of the Preserve.

Immigration & Class Conflict in the Gatsby Age – Grades 7-12 (Year-Round)
During this two-hour interdisciplinary program, activities include independent and group exploration of Hempstead House (1912), a 50,000-square-foot Tudor-style mansion, listed on the National Registry of Historic Places; analysis of historic photographs and documents; and a re-enactment of a Gatsby-style party. This interactive learning experience will enhance students’ classroom studies while allowing them to be fully immersed in the opulent lifestyle that defined Long Island, New York’s legendary Gold Coast Period.

Program Fees:
One-Hour Programs – $7/student
90-Minute Programs – $12/student
No fee for teachers or chaperones

Parking Fees:
The Preserve offers discounted parking for guided educational programs. Parking is an additional $10 per car, $20 per van, or $30 per bus. Parking is free for Conservancy members.

Insurance requirement for schools and organizations:
A Certificate of Insurance naming Nassau County, 1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola, NY 11501; the Sands Point Preserve Conservancy, 127 Middle Neck Road, Sands Point, NY 11050; and the Village of Sands Point, 26 Tibbits Lane, Sands Point, NY 11050 as additionally insured.

To plan and schedule your program, contact Tracy Strianese, Education Director at 516-570-2185 or .