Our Sponsors

The overwhelming success of the Long Island Fairy Festival would not be possible without the generous support of individual and corporate sponsors.  If you would like to contribute to the magic of the Fairy Festival and have your name and/or logo associated with this special day, please contact Melanie Dunbar at 516-570-2236 ormelanie.dunbar@sandspointpreserve.org.

Presenting Sponsor, $50,000
As our exclusive Presenting Sponsor, your name will be intricately linked to the magic, joy, and success of the Fairy Festival. Join us and let it be known that you support Long Island’s only Fairy Festival – a true celebration of nature, creativity, and community.

Fairy House Walk Sponsor, $10,000
As our exclusive Fairy House Walk Sponsor, you will support the central attraction of the Fairy Festival. Adorned with hundreds of houses created by people from across the tri-state area, the Fairy House Walk winds through the forest giving its visitors the feeling that they have entered a new, magical world.

Adventure Sponsor, $5,000
As an Adventure Sponsor, you will support one of the many magical activities at the Fairy Festival: Feasting and Foraging Food Court, Musical Performances, Fairy Garden, Art in the Woods, Woodland Walks, or the Tooth Fairy Meet-and-Greet. Choose your favorite and help bring one of these special experiences to the Festival!

Magic Sponsor, $1,000
Provide general support to increase the magic and fun at the Fairy Festival.

Family Sponsor, $500
Subsidize 1 Vehicle Ticket for a low-income family to attend the Fairy Festival.

The names and/or logos of sponsors at all levels will be promoted to varying degrees on our website, social media, signage at the Festival, and in the Festival program.  Additional benefits vary by level and can be viewed in the summary chart above.