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Tracy Kane, Artist/Author/Ilustrator and Barry Kane, Photographer/Designer/Publisher

Nobody really knows when the first fairy house was built, but author and illustrator Tracy Kane and her husband photographer Barry Kane are responsible for spreading the word and helping communities bring the magic to their own backyards.

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Tracy Kane, author and illustrator, is a leader in getting children outside.

Her award-winning Fairy Houses Series® of illustrated and photographic books has popularized the building of fairy houses both across the country and around the world. Children’s creativity is ignited by her books and video, encouraging children to venture outside and build fairy houses from natural materials. As they explore their backyards, beaches, forests and schoolyards searching for building materials, children form an important connection with nature and become observers of the world around them.

For more than 15 years, Tracy has shared the magic of fairy house building with both children and adults. Through her workshops and events she has inspired schools, libraries and many other groups. She has worked with communities to develop “Fairy Houses Tours” that benefitted local non-profit organizations and inspire thousands of families to build fairy houses of their own.

In each illustrated story book, Tracy combines her love of nature with a touch of fairy magic. Her stories emphasize a respect for nature and provide a way for children to learn about and become part of the natural world around them. When building a fairy house, children wonder “Will the fairies come to visit?” The Fairy Houses Series® of books foster creative thinking and problem-solving skills through a fun, hands-on activity. Parents, educators and nature lovers are amazed at children’s imaginations and level of concentration when constructing their fairy habitats.



  • Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane (included in the paperback Fairy House Trilogy)
  • The Fairy House Trilogy: The Complete Illustrated Series by Tracy Kane
  • Fairy Houses . . . Everywhere! by Tracy Kane (Author), Barry Kane (Photographer)

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