11 Danté’s INFERNO HALLOWEEN BALL IN HEMPSTEAD HOUSE Welcome, Halloween Ball Guests! You have survived Dante’s Inferno in Hempstead House – and now Paradise awaits you! We hope you enjoy the frights and mysteries of the second annual Halloween Ball, the Conservancy’s most important fundraising event of the year. Your generosity supports all of our cultural, educational, and wellness programs for more than 100,000 visitors per year, as well as the many capital projects that maintain and improve our historic mansions and grounds on the former Guggenheim Estate. The Conservancy proudly honors Board Member Jack Mandel for the kindness and wisdom that he brings to his friendships and to every organization he supports. His remarkable dedication to the Preserve and to the community are greatly appreciated and are celebrated in the following pages – and in all our hearts. The Danté’s Inferno exhibition is the result of the extraordinary creativity of Sean McNally, Andrew Barron, George Clark, and Jennifer Scott – now in their third successful year of transforming Hempstead House into a world-class “haunt.” The Seven Deadly Sins Cabaret is created by Stephen DeAngelis, whom we thank for his expertise in casting the phenomenal actors Janine DiVita and Brian O’Brien. Special thanks to Georgia DeYoung, the Events Committee Chair, and all of the members of the Halloween Ball Committee for building support for the event across the Long Island community. We are truly grateful to every member of the Conservancy’s talented staff. The meticulous care of the buildings and grounds and the excellent execution of our programming and services are to their credit. Finally, we thank every patron and every volunteer for your contributions tonight and throughout the four seasons. Your support ensures the future of this historic treasure and natural resource for all of us and for generations to come. Now, tread carefully on the “Path to Paradise” tonight! Best wishes, Karli Hagedorn Beth Horn Chairman of the Board Managing Director