b'WElComE To THE WHITE PARTY!tonightseventcelebratesthemany Learning Adventures that are possible at the Sands Point Preserve. youll see thatourwebsitesEducationsection has been renamed to reflect the fact that every aspect of discovery across thePreservesmagnificentgrounds and within its spectacular mansions is an adventure. We invite you all to participateto explore our physical world and the cultural history that lead not only to this Gold Coast treasure, but to even greater discoveries supported by the Guggenheim family, especially in the fields of aeronautics and space travel.on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, we pay tribute to the Father of Modern Rocketrydr. Robert H. Goddard. His visionary research resulted in the liquid-fuel rocket, which literally propelled all future space travel. this research would not have been possible without the support of the daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aeronautics, the daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation, and Harry F. Guggenheim. their unfailing belief in Goddards genius resulted in discoveries that would inform space travel for decades to follow. We hope you enjoy a special preview of our unique archival exhibition, the Goddard Connectionit will transfer to Castle Goulds Club G where it will remain on view for the public.Special thanks to White Party Co-Chairs Georgia deyoung, Liz Boylan, Carly Elson, and dilia Kamensky and to staffers Joseph Cesarelli, tracy Strianese, and Linda nutter for their tremendous contributions to this event and the exhibition.We proudly honor three outstanding educators who bring our educational goals to fruition with their remarkable expertise in and dedication to the initiatives that we share at heart. our congratulations and deepest thanks to Hildur Palsdottir, Antonia Fthenakis, and david Jakimyou are wonderful partners in this mission.through our Learning Adventures, we hope our visitors will remember the extraordinary history of the Guggenheim Estate and the far-reaching effects of its former residents dreams for our world; and we share the information needed for each and every one of us to join a global community to preserve planet Earth for generations to come. thank you for supporting these efforts! Karli Hagedorn Beth Horn Chairman of the BoardExecutive Director'