b'SAndS Point PRESERvE ConSERvAnCyBoard oF dirEctorsKarli HagedornChairmanRobert McMahon Treasurerdavid Faure SecretaryAlyson K. AdlerJames AvenaPeter dejanaGeorgia deyoungAngelo GiannuzziLisa Kaye GrossmanAdam HanftJack MandelJean-Marie PosnerAnita SethiJane SternFrank C. UllmanMarcia FormanEmeritusAmrit Sethi Emeritus Beth Horn Executive DirectorLaura Curran Nassau County Executivemission statEmEntto preserve and protect the magnificent structures and grounds of the Sands Point Preserve, to promote the Guggenheim Estate as a living museum focused on the preserves rich history, natural habitats and the architectural features that enhance educational and cultural experiences for all who visit.ticket line: 516.304.5076info@sandspointpreserve.org SandsPointPreserve.org127 Middle neck Road, Sands Point, ny 11050'