b'SAndS Point PRESERvE ConSERvAnCyTHE WHITE PARTYBenefit for Education ProgramsHempstead House & Rose GardenAugust 8, 20197 - 8 pm Cocktails in Hempstead HousespEciaL prEViEW: thE Goddard connEctionAn exhibition celebrating the father of modern rocketry,whose inventions powered all future space travel,and his connection to his patrons, the Guggenheims.VirtUaL spacE traVELon the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11s lunar landing, experience modern space travel in virtual and augmented reality experiences. 8 - 10 pmfarm-to-Table feast & dessertin the Rose gardenco-chairsElizabeth Boylan Georgia deyoungCarly Rose Elson dilia Kamensky'