b'thE WhitE partY honorEEsdaVid Jakim davidholdsanMSinEnvironmentalGeoscience,anMAinEarthScience Education, is a citizen science trainer for teachers with the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Queens College, serves as an environmental analyst and researcher for the Center for disaster Resilience Solutions, is founder of ReWild Long island, and has founded various Monarch butterfly conservation initiatives. david is an expert on the environment and wildlife of Long island andadvisesdiversestakeholdersonenvironmentalconservationandland useplanning.Hehasapassionforengagingstudentsintheexplorationof the natural environment, so they can experience the thrill of discovery just as field scientists do. through citizen science and service learning, david works to enhance environmental literacy and nurture an ethic of care for community stewardship of the environment.L-R: tracy Strianese, Education Manager; Beth Horn, Executive director;Honorees Antonia Fthenakis, Hildur Palsdottir, and david Jakim'