b'AFtER SCHooL EdUCAtionEARtH EXPEditionSEnrichment for Grades 68EarthExpEditionsisan after-schoolinterdisciplinary program designed just for the SandsPointPreserve.the programfeaturesaunique curriculumofscience,art, andwellnessthroughhands-onactivitiesandexploration acrossthepreserve.Utilizing alloftheresourcesthatthe formerGuggenheimEstate offers, including the magnificent forest, beachfront, and pond, students will explore the outdoors extensively tostudywildlifeandecosystems;discoverenvironmentalconservation practices;conductsurveysandgatherdatausefulforbothlocaland internationalresearchasCitizenScientists;createvisualartprojects with sustainable natural materials; and write from their heartsall in the healthful setting of the preserve. An excellent enrichment experience for students who wish to expand their studies beyond the classrooms and screensto explore the earth in all its dimensions and, ultimately, have a positive impact on our global future.Inspired by historical polymaths like Leonardo da Vinci, well cultivatestudents innate gifts and discover young artists, inventors, and explorersin the process.Program Co-Creator and Educator Hildur Palsdottirabout the Educatorsdr. Hildur Palsdottir, Lead teacher for natural Sciences, Experiential Learning& MindfulnessAntonia Fthenakis, MFA, Lead teacher for Sustainable Artdavid Jakim, MS/MA, Lead teacher for Ecology and Environmental LiteracyMax Goldman, Schreiber High School Senior, Assistant Educator & MentorFor information and to register: 516.570.2185'