b'HIgHlIgHTs of dR. goddARds mAJoR ConTRIBuTIonsHExplored the practicality of using rocket propulsion to reach highaltitudeseven the moon (1912)HReceived patent for two- and three-stage rockets (1914) HProved that a rocket will work in a vacuum, a rocket does not need to push against no airH developed and fired a liquid fuel rocket (1926) HShot a scientific payload in a rocket flight (1929)HUsed vanes in the rocket motor blast for guidance (1932) Hdeveloped gyro control apparatus for rocket flight (1932)Hdeveloped pumps suitable for rocket fuelsHLaunched a rocket with a motor pivoted on gimbals under the influence of a gyro mechanism (1937) nAsA.govdR. RoBERT H. goddARds skETCH foR HIsmETHod of REACHIng HIgH AlTITudEs THEoRY, 1945'