Hempstead House Aerial in Summertime

Dear Friends,

The Conservancy is thrilled to announce that the Sands Point Preserve’s beautiful grounds have reopened for the summer for visitors’ passive recreation! The mansions, Welcome Center, and dog run will remain closed for the safety of all visitors. See the new summer schedule for visitor hours.

A team of security guards will monitor the entire property, to help ensure the safety of all visitors – but the future of the Preserve depends on the cooperation of all visitors. When everyone follows the Visitor Safety Rules now in place, then the Preserve can remain open for everyone to enjoy. If visitors violate rules and jeopardize the health of others, then we will have to close down the park until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. We ask for your cooperation – it will make all of the difference here.

The admission fee has been reinstated to cover the expense of maintaining and operating this great historic estate. The Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all revenue goes directly to the beautification and conservation of the property, and, when permitted, to the programs and services that we offer the community. The Conservancy must raise 98% of our budget, so we now depend entirely on Gatehouse revenue, memberships, and donations to sustain our operations, while all other programming and fundraising events are suspended due to NYS mandates.

We hope you’ll join the Conservancy to support our mission to preserve and enhance the Guggenheim Estate for the benefit of the public. Members receive many benefits, including discounts to select programs and events throughout the year – and unlimited free admission to the Preserve’s grounds.

Sign up for email updates and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t miss announcements about upcoming programs and events that will be scheduled in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Sands Point Preserve, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@sandspointpreserve.org.

We encourage everyone to take every possible precaution during this time. The Preserve is a wonderful resource for healthful, outdoor experiences – provided every visitor respects the rules now in place to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing.


Signature - Beth
Beth Horn
Executive Director
Beth Horn