Campaign to Save Hempstead House

View of Hempstead House from the garden

Built in 1912, Hempstead House is the centerpiece of the former Guggenheim estate. Renowned architects Hunt and Hunt designed this majestic Tudor-style mansion, featuring 40 enormous rooms with mahogany paneling, hand-carved stone fireplaces, a 60-foot-tall entry foyer and expansive views of formal gardens, natural woods and the Long Island Sound.

Now, the future of this architectural masterpiece is in jeopardy.

Recent restoration work by the County revealed the scope of essential restoration, which exceeds its budget for repair. Though Nassau County and the Sands Point Preserve Conservancy have made many improvements to the entire property, the years of prior neglect have resulted in the significant deterioration of the exterior. The interior of the building remains safe, but it is only a matter of time before the roof and window lintels will be beyond repair. Though the property is owned by Nassau County, public funds cover only 10% of the operating costs, so contributed revenue is essential for the future of Hempstead House and the estate.

Scope of Essential Repairs

This architectural masterpiece requires extensive restoration work on its massive stone exterior, including the building’s roof, window lintels and dormers. Without these essential repairs, Hempstead House will ultimately deteriorate, and reach a point where it could face demolition.

Hempstead House is in urgent need of your help.

Today, thousands of visitors come to the Preserve annually as it serves the community year-round. Visitors can tour the mansions, Great Lawn and formal gardens, miles of wooded trails, freshwater pond and mile-long beachfront on the Long Island Sound. The Sands Point Preserve Conservancy also offers estate tours, nature education classes, cultural arts programs and seasonal events.

If Hempstead House is not saved, a monument to an historic era will be lost. Some of the most influential Americans of the 20th Century once lived at the Guggenheim Estate, or visited here, where advancements were made in industry, aeronautics, education and the arts. Without Hempstead House, the Sands Point Preserve Conservancy can no longer serve as a resource to the community.

We ask you to participate in this vital capital campaign and consider making a gift today.

To discuss making a charitable gift to the Campaign to Save Hempstead House, please contact Melanie Dunbar, Development Manager, at 516-570-2236 or