Guided Nature Walks

The Preserve’s spectacular 216 acres offer a mix of natural and landscaped areas to explore. Stroll, hike, jog or run on six marked trails through diverse habitats of woods, open fields, and pond. Trail maps are available at the Gate House.

Second Sundays of Every Month

Join us for this monthly series of themed walks as we explore different aspects of the preserve’s environment, encompassing its unique physical features and wildlife, as well as critical conservation issues and helpful practices to create a healthy, sustainable environment.

Our expert guides include Tree Sister Hildur Palsdottir, Port Washington Monarch Alliance Founder David Jakim, assistant Max Goldman, and guest naturalists who bring a range of perspectives for each outdoor adventure. Check back for information about each upcoming walk – and join us on Second Sundays for an enriching experience on the preserve.

Next Walk : Earth as a System
Sunday, April 14 at 3 – 4 pm

Discover how earth, water, the atmosphere, and plant life are interconnected. How do the woods connect to the water cycle? How do clouds form? Learn to identify clouds and forecast the weather. We’ll distinguish between evergreens, conifers, and deciduous trees and discuss their adaptations to seasonal change in the Preserve’s diverse habitat types. In preparation for Earth Day, we will give a brief  talk before the walk about global conservation initiatives and efforts towards restoring health to the natural world.

Members: $10 per car
Non-Members: $20 per car
Includes parking. Payment received at the Gate.


A Search for Spring: Adventures in Observation
Sunday, May 12 at 3 – 4 pm

On this Mother’s Day walk, we’ll discover how mother earth wakes up after winter’s dormancy. We will search for spring in the woodlands and habitats of the Preserve. We’ll observe how the frozen soil thaws, allowing woodland flowers and tree buds to burst into bloom. We’ll take a walk along the beach to see what the sea has deposited over the course of winter and observe the early changes taking place in the water world in preparation for summer. Turtles are waking up from the muddy bed of the fresh water pond, and, overhead, the migrating birds are arriving in abundance. Bring your binoculars!

Life Between the Tides:
Animals, Plants, and Amazing Adaptations for Survival
Sunday, June 9 at 3 – 4 pm

The zone between high tide and low tide at the beach is a tough place to live. The environment is continuously changing: air and water; crashing waves and rocks; strong winds and salt spray; quick changing temperature extremes. But hundreds of species are well adapted to these challenges, and, on this walk, we’ll search for them with new-found respect: from crab, sea stars, and urchins to several of the Long Island Sound’s 70 distinct types of seaweed – and more.