Self-Guided Tours

Hempstead House Aerial in Summertime

When you visit the Sands Point Preserve, enjoy the Conservancy’s new self-guided tours and gain an in-depth understanding of the Guggenheim Estate’s fascinating history, its beautiful grounds, and diverse wildlife.

The following themed tours take from 35 to 50 minutes depending on the pace you set. Click on the links below to purchase a downloadable guide, and a link to the guide will be emailed to you. Purchases made outside of business hours will be fulfilled the following day. You can print out the guide prior to your visit, or follow the guide on your cell phone as you explore the Preserve. We recommend holding your cell phone horizontally for best viewing of the guides.

If you have any questions, or if you are on site and need to receive the link quickly, please contact the Gatehouse at 516.570.2281 or email the Gatehouse:

  • The History Tour
    Discover this unique Gold Coast estate’s fascinating past as you explore the gardens and grounds and view the mansions’ magnificent exteriors.  Inside stories are shared about the estate’s founder, Howard Gould, son of railroad tycoon Jay Gould, and the next owners, Florence and Daniel Guggenheim of the legendary mining dynasty. Translations are available in the following languages and can be purchased on the links below:


  • Native Wildlife & Diverse Environments
    The Sands Point Preserve’s 216 acres are comprised of diverse natural environments, including the woodland, shoreline, fresh water pond, and grassy open areas – each supports wildlife throughout the four seasons. This tour welcomes you to each habitat and introduces you to the species that thrive there.
  • Bird Watching – Spring
    According to the North Shore Audubon Society, the Sands Point Preserve is a particularly healthy sanctuary for dozens of bird species – many of which reside here year-round, while others stop off here as they migrate North and South with the changing seasons. The woodlands here provide an important refuge for breeding birds, offering secluded nesting sites and plenty of natural food resources. Bring your binoculars and search for bird species in the different environments of the Preserve – forest, beach, and pond – this Spring. The downloadable guide includes photos of species that are present at the Preserve this season with links to the National Audubon Society’s website for detailed information.

Check back soon for more tours now in development:

  • The Apiary
    Honeybees are vital pollinators for the environment as they make their way across a variety of plants, collecting nectar for their hives. Visit the Apiary with this guide and discover the physiology and life-cycles of honeybees as well as the extraordinary organization of the hive – from the Queen Bee to the thousands of drones who serve her.