Hikes & Walks

Visitors on a nature hike

The Preserve’s spectacular 216 acres offer a mix of natural and landscaped areas to explore. Stroll, hike, jog or run on six marked trails through diverse habitats of woods, open fields, and pond. Trail maps are available at the Gate House.

Second Sundays of Every Month

Join us for this monthly series of themed walks as we explore different aspects of the preserve’s environment, encompassing its unique physical features and wildlife, as well as critical conservation issues and helpful practices to create a healthy, sustainable environment.

Our expert guides include Tree Sister Hildur Palsdottir, Port Washington Monarch Alliance Founder David Jakim, assistant Max Goldman, and guest naturalists who bring a range of perspectives for each outdoor adventure. Check back for information about each upcoming walk – and join us on Second Sundays for an enriching experience on the preserve.

Next Walk : Geological Exploration through Time
Sunday, February 10, 2019
3-4 PM

The Preserve is one of the best places for observing geology on Long Island! On this wintry walk, discover massive boulders strewn 12,000 years ago by a gigantic, mile-high ice sheet. Learn to interpret the layers of sediment and rocks from an ancient river delta. The stonework of Castle Gould is a treasure trove of ancient fossils formed at the bottom of a shallow sea over one hundred million years ago! This walk is designed for all ages – bundle up!

Members: $10 per car
Non-Members: $20 per car
Includes parking. Payment received at the Gate.


Where is Wildlife in Winter?
Sunday, March 11  at 3 – 4 pm

Earth as a System Exploration
Sunday, April 8 at 3 – 4 pm

A Search for spring: Adventures in Observation
Sunday, May 13 at 3 – 4 pm

Life Between the Tides:
Animals, Plants, and Amazing Adaptations for Survival
Sunday, June 10 at 3 – 4 pm