Wilderness Survival Series

Join us for the Saturday Survival Series, a new program for 2024! This series of mini workshops, led by survival enthusiasts Eric Powers and Mike Evens, is ideal for beginners and seasoned survival aficionados alike. Dive into essential survival skills, from emergency preparedness to advanced bushcraft techniques, exploring key concepts like the Rule of 3s and the 5 Cs. Perfect for those starting their journey or looking to deepen existing skills, these workshops offer a platform to learn, share experiences, and connect with a community passionate about self-sufficiency and nature.

These workshops are for adults, but children 14+ are welcome with an accompanying adult. Programs are held outdoors, so dress for the weather.  Bring sturdy footwear, gloves and a hand towel to each event.

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Saturday Workshops 10am – 12pm:

January 06, 2024 Survival Basics, Preparedness, and Navigation
February 03, 2024: Traps & Snares – Bring work gloves and carving knife
March 02, 2024: Water Purification
April 6, 2024: Shelter Building – Bring work gloves & a knife
June 15, 2024: Foraging for Food and Medicine – SOLD OUT
July 20, 2024: Cordage
August 3, 2024: Making Fire with Friction
September 7, 2024: Making Fire with Sparks
October 4-5, 2024: 24-Hour overnight survival – details and tickets here!

Members: $35 per class
Nonmembers: $40 per class, includes parking

Purchase tickets online.

About the instructors:

Eric Powers, aka “Ranger Eric”, is a wildlife biologist, photographer, outdoorsman, and conservationist.  He started leading nature hikes in 1987 as a Park Ranger in Colorado until he served two years in the US Peace Corps as an Environmental Education Officer in the Kingdom of Tonga.  Since then, he has been running nature centers in Colorado, Alabama and then in 1997, Long Island, New York.  In 2005 he started a mobile nature company, “Your Connection To Nature” (YC2N), doing environmental education programs, live animal shows, field trips and wildlife eco-tours worldwide.  In 2013, he started as Adjunct Professor at Molloy College and developed a summer course for their Teaching Green Sustainability Institute for High School Teachers, and it continues as a highly successful, well-attended course. In 2016 he co-founded The Center for Environmental Education & Discovery (www.CEEDLI.org ) in Brookhaven Hamlet, NY as Long Island’s newest nature center. In 2020, he was named Seirra Club’s Environmentalist of the Year. His on-going conservation projects include “Save Our Box Turtles,” “Quail vs. Ticks,” “1000 Bat Boxes” and “Owl Nesting Projects.” Please view his TV Series, “Off the trail…with Ranger Powers” on YouTube.

Mike Evans, founder of Forgotten Skillz, is a motivator, educator, and life changer, blending his roles as a martial arts instructor, massage therapist, and science communicator. His leadership fosters a community on Long Island dedicated to exploring ancestral skills and generalism, from bushcraft and foraging to woodworking and homesteading. Mike’s approach embodies the spirit of being a jack of all trades, drawing inspiration from historical methods to thrive in the modern world.