Beekeeping at the Apiary

Honeybee on Purple Flower

Honeybees serve a vital purpose in our environment as pollinators. The Bee Whispering program is designed for everyone from novices to experts – for those interested in establishing their own hives to those who are just curious about these extraordinary insects. Participants will learn about honeybee behavior, basic beekeeping, bee-whispering techniques, and products derived from bees. The program also addressees the critical issue of “Colony Collapse” and the plight of honeybee populations across the globe. Participants can attend one or all dates, and join at any time.

Please note: participants should wear long sleeves, long pants, closed shoes, and tie up long hair. No perfume or insect repellent, and please do not eat bananas before the session as they remind honeybees of a fight pheromone which can disturb the hives.

All bee whispering programs are free with admission to the Preserve.

Hive Maintenance Sessions
– July 13 at 10 – 11 am
– July 27 at 10 – 11 am

Join beekeeper and program sponsor Jean-Marie Posner as she performs maintenance on the hives. These sessions at the apiary offer hands-on participation in beekeeping techniques.

National Honeybee Day
– August 17 at 10 – 11 am

Unlock the mysteries of honey as we explore its many special qualities. Catch the buzz from local bee-keepers eager to tell you their beekeeping stories and sample their honey. During this workshop, you will also learn how bees make honey and help us harvest some right off the honeycomb!

Members: Free!
Non-Members: $15 per car
Parking is included.